Group history since its creation in 1898

1898 First Wagon
First wagon acquisition

Millet group history begins in 1898, when Paul Millet acquired his first wagon, a wine cask.

1963 Marcel Millet Company
Marcel Millet company creation

Marcel, the father of Philippe Millet creates the company Marcel Millet SA.

At that time, Millet sold more than 1,500 wagons.

1981 90T wagon
First 90T wagon

In 1981, Marcel Millet company acquired its first 90T wagon.

1989 Millet SAS
Millet SAS creation

Philippe Millet takes over from his father and creates the Millet SAS company in 1989

2002 Railway forwarder
RTChem creation

Group Millet creates its logistics subsidiary RTChem in Belgium in order to complete its range of services and develop the Full Service.

2007 Mobile team
Mobile team MILLET creation

The Group Millet deployed its first mobile team operating in the Rouen / Le Havre area in 2007.

2009 Locomotives purchase
12 Vossloh G1206 locomotives purchase

The Group Millet acquired its first locomotives in 2009.

2013 ECM Wagons accreditation
ECM Wagons

In 2013, Millet SAS obtained the ECM Wagons certification. It preserves its fleet of wagons according to the VPI standards rethought by Millet.

2014 Maintenance workshop
SDH FER acquisition

The Millet group becomes the unique owner of the largest French rail freight wagon maintenance workshop.
The same year, a mobile team covering Nantes / St Nazaire was set up.

1993-2016 From 1,000 to 6,000 wagons
Fleet evolution

Within 23 years, the company Millet SAS strengthened its position in Europe thanks to its fleet multiplied by 6.

In 2021, the fleet is made up of 7,700 wagons.

July 2017 Rail traction
Ouest Rail creation

A new development axis in rail traction

2018 Locomotives purchase
4 G1206 locomotives and 6 DE18 locomotives purchase

To provide rail traction for its own customers, the Group Millet buys 12 locomotives.

2019 Rail traction
Millet Rail creation

The Group Millet relies on its two railway companies Millet Rail and Ouest Rail to provide rail traction to its various customers.
The Groupe Millet thus completes the range of services offered to manufacturers.

2019 Millet AFR
Titagarh Wagons AFR acquisition

By acquiring the manufacturer AFR in Douai, the group Millet becomes the new owner of the only wagon construction site in France.
Titagarh Wagons AFR then becomes Millet AFR.

2019 ECM Locomotives certification
ECM Locomotives

Millet SAS completes its range of services by obtaining ECM Locomotives certification.

September 2020 Geolocation
Wagons geolocation

Since 2020, the Millet company has been equipped with GPS to geolocate its fleet of wagons

February 2021 GMP+ certification
GMP+ certification obtainment

The Group Millet obtains the GMP + certification. We are now part of a high quality animal nutrition approach.

March 2022 Acquisition of SaintVarent Workshop
Saint Varent

Acquisition of the locomotive & wagon maintenance and repair workshop in St Varent (79)