The world of wagons has always been a passion for the MILLET family, and this since 1898, the date of the beginning of its railway activity. Thanks to this historical heritage, teams of experts enable the different entities of the MILLET group to meet the expectations of their most demanding customers and prospects.

We have always made it a point of honour to maintain a 100% family shareholding, which preserves us from the need for returns on investments that are restrictive for us, our partners and our customers. The benefits of these fundamental choices are:

  • A better reactivity in decision making,
  • A competitive pricing policy,
  • Total independence in our strategic choices,
  • A strong capacity for investment to innovate and support our customers.

Over the last ten years, the investments made have enabled the MILLET Group to extend its activities and to propose a global offer around the wagon.

    We are also committed to a policy of research and innovation by designing the latest generation of wagons with the aim of optimising our customers’ logistics plans.

Accompanied by enthusiasts, we are pursuing this wonderful adventure together in order to offer our customers more efficient transport solutions that are part of an eco-responsible approach.

Philippe Millet,