The CEO’s wordtl_2009

From the beginning of our activity in rail in 1898, the wagon world has always been a passion for the MILLET family. This historic heritage resulted inside the company MILLET in a team of passionate people eager to answer the needs of its most demanding customers.

We have always attached a great importance to stay a family-owned company, not to suffer from the necessity of high return-on-investment which can become quickly constraining for us and our business partners, and our customers benefit directly from this critical choice :

  • A quicker decision-making process
  • A competitive pricing-policy
  • A complete independence in decision-making

During the last decade, the MILLET team has constantly expanded in number, keeping as main objective to always improve the service quality level delivered to our customers and to comply with the regulatory and legal requirements increasingly demanding.

We are pursuing together this marvelous adventure by exploring new markets and by developing light-weight and next-generation railcars.

We are truly convinced that the future of our business stands in the conception of lighter wagons than those existing and currently used, allowing our customers to reduce significantly their transportation costs and achieve better effectiveness in their logistics.

The CEO,
Philippe Millet