Company profile

2016 Dashboard- GB

Created in 1898, the company MILLET has become a key figure in the railcars lease in Europe and we are proud to have kept on being a family-owned company over the years. Our core activity is the leasing of railcars and locomotives, based on different strong assets:

  • A qualified, available and dynamic technical and sales team
  • A fleet of 5 160 railcars (petroleum, gas, chemical and hopper cars)
  • A young fleet: 57% of the fleet is composed of 90T railcars
  • A real independence in the decision-making process allowing a prompt responsiveness
  • A strong technical expertise and knowledge of our customers’ stakes
  • A drastic security policy thanks to our quality department
  • A solid international experience (more than 50% of the activity out of France)

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The skills we have acquired over the years have allowed us to develop our activities, and we are proud to propose currently the following services:

  • railcars leasing
  • locomotives leasing
  • rail logistics service (“Full-Service”)
  • Technical management of railcars fleets
  • railcars maintenance on site by our mobile team

More than 100 national and international customers placed their confidence in our company and allowed us to become the 5th biggest operator of freight railcars in Europe.