Railcars leasing

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The railcars leasing has always been our core activity since 1898.

Our fleet has constantly increased, and it has experienced a significant boom since the 90’s thanks to a strong investment policy.
The objective is to allow our customers to be equipped with higher-end railcars, safe and effective, gage of their confidence on the long term.

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In this aim, we are currently building between 300 to 400 brand new railcars each year.

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MILLET has been specialized in tank cars for the transportation of RID products until the mid 2000’s, and then new customers allowed us to diversify successfully in the transportation of grains/cereals and aggregates/stones.

Hopper railcars for grains currently represent 16% of our fleet, and our ambition is to keep on penetration this area thanks to the satisfaction and constant support of our customers.